3Shape OrthoAnalyzer™

Advanced orthodontics diagnosis and treatment planning

3Shape’s OrthoAnalyzer is a dedicated software package used for the analysis and planning of orthodontic treatments, using high-quality 3D data of patient’s cases scanned with a 3Shape D700 3D scanner.

Unlimited Analysis

Set up analysis points on scanned models for rapid and consistent analyses.

Adjust and analyze occlusion with a palette of several 3D tools Freely defined plane cuts for easier access to areas of interest on the scanned models.

Predefined analyses for treatment planning: tooth width, Bolton, Space (Tanaka & Johnston, Moyers), Ideal arch etc. Freely create default landmarks on scanned models for customized analyses.

Complete set of 2D and 3D distance and angle measurement tools. Assess treatment efficiency: before/after treatment comparison with color deviation maps and misc. measuring tools.


Easy on screen communication of treatment plan to patient with a 3D Viewer.

Reporting:Full interface to Crystal Reports® and fully customized analysis reports.

Interface to patient management system using XML protocol.

Automatic archiving of all patient cases and analyses keeps track of the complete patient history.


  • Reliable high quality – of 3D scanned models (<20 microns) in original occlusion
  • Fast scanning time – less than 2 minutes for s ready STL model at high resolution
  • Virtual base creation – on the scanned models to save time and maintain consistency
  • Advanced 2D and 3D analysis tools – angle and distance measurements and easy reporting
  • Predefined analyses – tooth width, ideal dental arch, space etc. and user-defined analyses