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Four Things Separate Newhart Orthodontics from All Others:

Our Doctors, Our Level of Customer Service, Our Pricing and Financing, and Our Expertise in Invisalign®

Great doctors: caring, passionate, highly educated and highly skilled.

Meeting Dr. Newhart is a wonderful experience. You will not find a person more passionate and caring about you. Dr. Newhart works with each patient and their families individually to create the most effective treatment plan. Dr. Newhart is highly specialized with dental and orthodontic degrees from the University of Pennsylvania and UCLA. His practice is recognized world-wide for its quality and the innovations he has brought to the orthodontic specialty. Patients and orthodontists come from many countries to be treated and study his techniques. He is a leader in the development of early treatment and preventive techniques. His use of time-release arch wires and extended treatment intervals results in less tooth pressure, more comfort and faster tooth movement. His treatment requires fewer office visits and shorter treatment times. Learn more: Meet the Doctor and Testimonials.

Pricing and financing like no other.

Dr. Newhart grew up in a small farm town in Pennsylvania where there was no orthodontist. From that experience he has always wanted orthodontics to be available to everyone. His fees are structured to be affordable for families. Unlike many orthodontists, Dr. Newhart requires no down payment with low monthly payments and no interest charges. Most orthodontists require at least $750-$1,000 or more as a down payment. With that same philosophy, Dr. Newhart is a provider for every, and all, insurance plans.

Highest level of customer service in a beautiful environment.

Dr. Newhart's offices are warm, welcoming and family friendly. You are embraced with award-winning service by our thoughtful staff. Your comfort is always our top priority. Patients can count on receiving personal care from our orthodontic team. We want our patients to feel at home when visiting our office. Learn more: Testimonials and Office Photos.

One of the top Invisalign® Orthodontists in the nation at five convenient locations.

InvisalignDr. Newhart is one of the few Elite Premier Providers in the United States. This means that his skills and experience are unsurpassed. This certification is awarded only to those with the highest level of expertise and experience. Dr. Newhart is one of the early pioneers of the technique. The concepts he has developed are used today in two advanced orthodontic techniques: Invisalign® and lingual braces.

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