After your baby is born, Dr. Newhart likes to examine your child within their first year. Most babies born to parents that are part of our practice family are examined before they are 6 months old. The benefits of this early examination are several. First, Dr. Newhart's inspection of the mouth and face is often much more detailed than many pediatricians provide. Dr. Newhart is an expert in growth and development of the face and mouth. He likes to answer any questions and concerns that you may have, as a mother, about facial growth, tooth eruption patterns, and habits such as thumb sucking. Nutrition and supplements are discussed, as well as preferred types of nipples for baby bottle and the use of “binkies”. He also teaches mothers how to care their baby’s teeth until they can care for their own.

Did you know that 50% of babies are born with at least one tooth already partially erupted? Dr. Newhart is passionate about this part of his practice. Caring for these toddlers is so important until they can graduate into the Tooth Buds Program, where they begin to learn to enjoy going to the dentist.