Six Warning Signs

This is a parent's guide to detecting bite problems. The diagrams will help you understand more about tooth alignment. Dr. Newhart will examine your child for these and other problems at the first visit.

The first warning

Do the upper teeth protrude?

Excessive protrusion of the upper front teeth - "buck teeth" - is by far the most common orthodontic problem.

Excessive Protrusion of the Upper Front Teeth
The second warning

Is there a deep bite?

The upper front teeth cover the lower front teeth too much.

A Deep Bite
The third warning

Is there an underbite?

The upper teeth fit inside the arch of the lower teeth.

An Underbite
The fourth warning

Is there an open bite?

The child can stick his or her tongue between upper and lower front teeth when the back teeth are together.

An Open Bite
The fifth warning

How is spacing between the teeth?

Crowded or overlapped teeth...

Crowded or Overlaped Teeth
  ...or noticeably large gaps between teeth. Large Gaps Between Teeth
The sixth warning

Do the midlines line up?

The spaces between the two upper front teeth and the two lower front teeth should line up with each other and both should line up with the bridge of the nose. When they do not, the probable cause is drifted teeth or a shifted lower jaw, resulting in an improper bite.

Midlines Don't Match