Smile Design Aesthetic Soft Tissue Contouring

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Smile Design Before
smile design after

Smile Design - With orthodontic offices located in Beverly Hills and other Southern California locations, Dr. Newhart lectures nationally and is nationally known for his innovations in orthodontic finishing techniques.

In Southern California, there is a tremendous emphasis with men, women and children on appearance, where both beauty and health are required.  Patients are not satisfied with just straight teeth. The bar is very high and people want to have smiles where their teeth are straight, beautifully shaped, large and white. 

Not everyone is born with all of these assets; however, Dr. Newhart uses advanced techniques to individualize and enhance each patient’s smile to their fullest potential using teeth whitening techniques, reshaping of the individual teeth and soft tissue contouring of gum tissue where needed.

  1. Teeth Whitening - Dr. Newhart enhances and lightens the color of teeth after orthodontic treatment is completed.  This improves the brightness of the overall smile.
  2. Teeth Reshaping - The techniques employed by Dr. Newhart allow him to match the teeth shape, size and individual characteristics to the patient’s face for the best harmony.  It is surprising how a subtle change in shape makes all the difference in the world separating a nice result from an outstanding result.
  3. Aesthetic Soft Tissue Contouring - Removing excess or uneven gum tissue can make such a difference in the smile. The teeth appear longer and more visible. Many patients wrongly believe that they are born with short teeth or a short tooth.  Many times the problem is merely one of excess soft tissue hiding the true length of the teeth.  Larger teeth are part of an outstanding smile.