When to Seek Earlier Treatment
Age 3-5

Earlier Treatment Age 3 5

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There are some developmental, growth and bite problems that occur much earlier than age six to eleven. They warrant an examination by Dr. Newhart as soon as detected or suspected by the parent or pediatrician. Growth and Development of children is one of Dr. Newhart's passions. He trained and studied at UCLA with the world renowned multidisciplinary Craniofacial Team.

Early orthopedic/orthodontic treatment can help minimize the need for more extensive treatment at a later date. Dr. Newhart also feels that early treatment may also help your child's self-esteem...a fragile asset that is so important in growing up.

  • difficulty chewing
  • open mouth breathing
  • thumb or finger sucking
  • over-lapping or crowding of
    baby or permanent teeth
  • jaws that click, pop or deviate to the side
  • cross bites
  • obvious abnormal bite development
  • obvious abnormal facial asymmetry