Online Patient Access at Newhart Orthodontics in Beverly Hills

We asked one of our patients about how they liked our patient login system at Newhart Orthodontics. Take a look at what Mychael said below:

Were you able to find the answers you needed on Sesame?
Very Easily

How easy did you find it to navigate the Sesame menu?
Very Easy

How much more convenient is it for you to visit Sesame with your questions, as compared to calling your orthodontist’s office?
Much more convenient

Please give us an example of how the Ortho Sesame service has helped you.
Easy access in confirming and researching appointment and financial Info ~ my 2 greatest areas of concern

Which type of reminder do you prefer?
E-mail reminder. Can be access from anywhere at any time as oppose to waiting for and/or missing a call

How do you feel about making payments online?

What do you like best about your orthodontist?
Both the efficient service and friendliness of the staff.