Summer Reading with Newhart Orthodontics

Does Reading Stimulate Ideas and Dreams for You?
A lot of people travel in the summer or take some time for much-needed R&R on the hammock or at the beach.  This is also a great time to read! I have always found reading to be fun and intellectually stimulating. Also, I always get great ideas about my own life when I read, sometimes even finding new and creative solutions to problems.

How about you? Have you had any experiences similar to mine? What happens to you when you read? I think it magically help to keep you intellect and emotions healthy and stimulated!! So have fun this summer and read something FUN!

Book Suggestions for the Summer?
Would you recommend any books to read? What are your all-time favorites? What’s on your summer reading list? Are there any reading programs or events in your community this summer you would recommend for children?

Please send us your response, along with any photos, videos, or testimonials you wish to share. Your responses will be posted on my social network if you don’t mind.

All who respond not only get to have the pleasure of sharing, but we will give you another entry for the iPad 2 drawing!

If we don’t see you… have a great summer!!!

-Dr. Scott Newhart and Team Newhart