Introducing new series on Accelerated Braces and Accelerated Orthodontics

When asked what I enjoy most about practicing orthodontics, for me, the answer is always the same… it is the wonderful people I meet and my great passion for the specialty of orthodontics.

As orthodontics enters the 21st century, I am proud to have been able to contribute with fresh ideas that have been instrumental in changing orthodontics forever. I have enjoyed great moments in my career as the developer of modern Lingual Braces, the inventor of Time Release Arch Wires™, the forerunner of extended appointment time intervals and use of super-light forces in orthodontics to reduce or eliminate discomfort. I am also recognized as the pioneer of the precursors to the technique that we know today as Invisalign®.

I am proud to bring my latest development to you. Accelerated Braces™ is a modern twist on tried-and-true orthodontics. It is a three step process which gives you a fast and beautiful cosmetic dentistry result using your own natural teeth by realigning, reshaping and whitening. The result is not only more natural and realistic than porcelain veneers; it is also the superior alternative to porcelain veneers in every way. Accelerated Braces™ is the new common sense, cosmetic solution to your desire for a better, more healthy and youthful Smile Makeover!

Today my practice is as fresh and full of energy as ever. I look forward to meeting with you at your next appointment! Please enjoy this series on Accelerated Braces and Accelerated Orthodontics. I look forward to your questions and comments!