Accelerated Braces Benefits

Accelerated Orthodontics with Accelerated Braces is specifically designed to address the visible teeth during smiling and is not intended for correcting major bite issues. It differs from traditional orthodontic treatment in its targeted focus. Remarkable improvements can be achieved swiftly and comfortably through this approach. In many instances, choosing Accelerated Orthodontics with Accelerated Braces over porcelain veneers or dental veneers proves to be a superior option in cosmetic dentistry. This is primarily due to its favorable balance of cost, treatment duration, and preservation of healthy tooth structure.

Benefits of Accelerated Orthodontics:

  • Avoids the need for veneers, which can have high long-term costs.
  • Provides fast results, transforming smiles in just a few months.
  • Offers affordability, accommodating patients with any budget.
  • Achieves a natural outcome by repositioning, reshaping, and whitening teeth.
  • Ensures comfort during treatment without the need for anesthesia.
  • Allows for customization, creating the exact look you desire.
  • Utilizes the latest available technology for innovative treatment.
  • Provides convenience, requiring only a few short visits.
  • Maintains tooth structure by adopting a conservative approach, avoiding the removal of healthy teeth.