Welcome to Dr. Scott Newhart and Newhart Orthodontics!

Newhart Orthodontics stands out from the rest due to four distinct factors: our esteemed team of doctors, our unparalleled dedication to customer service, our competitive pricing options and flexible financing plans, and our exceptional proficiency in the field of Invisalign® treatment.

Great doctors: caring, passionate, highly educated, and highly skilled.

Dr. Newhart offers an exceptional experience driven by his unmatched passion and genuine care for each patient. With a focus on personalized care, he collaborates closely with patients and their families to craft highly effective treatment plans. Boasting dental and orthodontic degrees from esteemed institutions like the University of Pennsylvania and UCLA, Dr. Newhart possesses remarkable specialization. His practice has earned global acclaim for its unwavering commitment to quality and groundbreaking innovations in orthodontics. Patients and orthodontists from diverse nations seek his expertise and study his techniques. Dr. Newhart stands at the forefront of developing early treatment and preventive approaches. He achieves remarkable results by utilizing time-release archwires and extended treatment intervals—less tooth pressure, increased comfort, and accelerated tooth movement. Furthermore, his approach entails fewer office visits and shorter treatment times, providing added convenience for patients.

Pricing and financing like no other.

Dr. Newhart grew up in a small farm town in Pennsylvania where there was no orthodontist. From that experience, he has always wanted orthodontics to be available to everyone. His fees are structured to be affordable for families. Unlike many orthodontists, Dr. Newhart requires no down payment with low monthly payments and no interest charges. Most orthodontists require at least $750-$1,000 or more as a down payment. With that same philosophy, Dr. Newhart is a provider for every and all insurance plans.

Highest level of customer service in a beautiful environment.

Our offices at Dr. Newhart’s practice exude a warm and inviting atmosphere, creating a family-friendly environment. Our dedicated staff members provide exceptional service, earning recognition and awards for their attentive and considerate approach. Our orthodontic team is committed to providing personalized care to each patient, fostering a sense of familiarity and trust. We wholeheartedly want our patients to feel at ease and welcomed as if they were in the comfort of their own homes when they step into our office. Ensuring your comfort is our utmost priority as we strive to make every visit a pleasant experience.

One of the top Invisalign® Orthodontists in the nation at five convenient locations.

InvisalignDr. Newhart holds an esteemed position as an Elite Premier Provider, a distinction granted to only a select few in the United States. This prestigious certification signifies unparalleled skills and expertise in the field. It is bestowed upon individuals with the highest proficiency level and extensive experience. Dr. Newhart is an early pioneer of innovative techniques, contributing to the advancements in two advanced orthodontic methods: Invisalign and lingual braces. The concepts he has developed continue to shape and enhance these techniques, ensuring optimal results for patients seeking orthodontic treatment.