What Makes a Smile Beautiful

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Beauty is subjective, and opinions on what makes someone beautiful can vary greatly. Different cultures may view certain dental attributes, such as gold front teeth, as a symbol of wealth and success, while others may have unique preferences like glowing or pointed teeth. However, for the majority of individuals, the desire for “straight, white teeth” is a common goal. Due to the subjective nature of beauty, it’s important to note that even dental professionals may have differing opinions on the specific factors that contribute to an attractive smile.


Orthodontists possess specialized knowledge and expertise in aligning teeth and achieving facial harmony. Utilizing conventional orthodontic techniques and their advanced skills, they have the ability to move teeth to achieve optimal aesthetics and balance. However, it’s important to note that achieving the desired level of detailing and precision may require more time than some patients are initially willing to invest.

General Dentists

Many general dentists rely on porcelain veneers as a solution for crooked teeth. This involves grinding and reshaping the teeth and applying porcelain facings to create the appearance of straight teeth. However, opinions among general dentists and cosmetic dentists regarding tooth sizes, shapes, and colors can differ, resulting in veneers that may look artificial.


Patients may have their own unique preferences and concerns when it comes to their smiles. It is not uncommon to find that patients prioritize different aspects than their orthodontist or dentist. They may have specific worries about certain features while overlooking other normal aspects. An interesting example is the request for flat canine teeth, whereas these teeth are naturally meant to have a slightly pointy shape.


A fascinating study revealed that orthodontists exhibit greater attention to detail when it comes to identifying minor imperfections in a person’s smile compared to general dentists and individuals without dental expertise. This highlights the significant advantage of relying on orthodontic specialists for tooth movement. The introduction of the Two Month Smiles – Accelerated Orthodontic System™ offers a solution for individuals seeking a beautiful smile without the need to achieve a perfect bite.

For Example

photo of woman
The photographs on the right depict a young lady with a noticeable dental issue known as a “crossbite.” It is evident to anyone that the appearance was less than ideal. However, using the Two Month Smiles – Accelerated Orthodontic System™, this problem was successfully corrected in just a few months. The outcome achieved with this accelerated orthodontic treatment surpasses what can typically be accomplished with traditional cosmetic smile makeovers involving porcelain veneers or dental veneers. In addition to being conservative and preserving all natural teeth, the treatment is fast and more affordable compared to the alternative of extracting a healthy tooth and replacing it with a bridge or implant, as required in standard cosmetic dentistry procedures.